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Increase your Ice crew's fame to win ownership of the Fort Royal shipyard shoppe

Do you want to take command of a goodly part of the Ice Ocean's shipbuilding industry? Here's how to do that.
Do you want to take command of a goodly part of the Ice Ocean's shipbuilding industry? Here's how to do that.
Unknown artist. Photo shared by JoJoan on Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons Attribution Unported 3.0 license

Haven't you always wanted to own a shipyard... on the Ice Ocean? Don't scoff. The Ice Ocean, playground for pre-release testing of brand new game features, may seem like a ghost town (ghost archipelago?) now that the Kraken sea monster hunt has been released to the production servers, but control of a shipyard is more important than you may think. Precisely because of Ice's fluctuating population, they who can keep a shipyard stocked and ready to fulfill orders--especially, one might suppose, for lifeboats--are few and far between, and as such are positioned well to profit.

Oceanmaster Prometheus has announced the latest iteration of the biannual Fort Royal Shipyard Shoppe Contest! Twice a year, the shipyard shoppe Queen Anne's Revenge potentially changes hands according to the terms announced in the Ice Discussion forum. The current owner is Pi, captain of the crew Black Ice Star (a crew made up entirely of Pi's alts, so don't ask to join). Would you like a chance to succeed her? You can click through that link for complete details, but here's a summary of what you have to do to compete.

  1. Be the captain of a crew on the Ice Ocean! Alternately, be a senior officer of a crew with a dormant captain. Or get your active captain's permission to represent your crew in the contest.

  2. Register in the thread linked above by August 31, 2014. Reply to the thread with your crew's name, your pirate name, and your rank within your crew. If your rank is not captain, confirm your qualifications according to the "How to 'play'" details in Prometheus's post.

  3. You and your crew have until September 14, 2014 to increase your crew's fame above that of any other crew's. Play puzzles, lead voyages, job for other crew's voyages--basically, do all the pirate stuff just as much and as well as you can.

  4. Profit! A few days after the contest period ends, ownership of Queen Anne's Revenge will be transferred to the pirate who registered the crew that, of all registered crews, has the highest crew fame.

Note that once the shipyard is in your hands, it will stay in your hands no matter who governs Fort Royal. As per Oceanmaster Apollo's announcement a few years back, the shipyard shoppe will not change hands when the island changes hands.

What will you do with one of the most influential shipyards on the Ice Ocean? The question's moot unless you hurry and register during the next ten days. Good luck!

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