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Increase in the use of contact lenses tied to corneal ulcers

Eyes need breaks from contact lens wear.
Eyes need breaks from contact lens wear.
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According to Dr. David Gritz of Montefiore Medical Center in New York “increase in the use of contact lenses may be making ulcers of the cornea twice as common,” citing that a study of over 1 million people in California found that those who wore contact lenses were “9 times more likely to suffer from corneal ulcers due to the fact that a majority of users fail to practice such hygienic actions washing their hands before inserting and/or removing their lenses; rubbing their lenses with disinfectant solution before putting them in or taking them out, and reusing solution over again instead of replacing it with fresh batches when placing lenses in storage cases. Another major faux pas is failing to clean them regularly. In fact the CDC stated that 1/3 of people responding to a medical poll admitted that they only clean their cases once a month (or less).

“As new contact lens innovations become available, and people hear that they can wear these contact lenses for weeks or a month without taking them off, they do just that,” stated Gritz. “They don’t realize the dramatic increase in risk it causes them. Our eyes do need breaks from contact lens wear.”

He also warned that “Contact lenses can even act as a bandage over eye irritation, covering up symptoms.”