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Week 1: Progress Report
Week 1: Progress Report
Marilyn Manzi, MA

There are many times we experience our own feelings, mistrust them, and intellectually talk ourselves out our authentic selves. Have you felt powerless before, noticed feelings of anger, and found yourself ruminating in thought over a past experience?

If you are waking up angry because of powerlessness, find yourself victimizing, below is a methodical approach to overcoming powerlessness and igniting your inner roar.

Overcome the Victim Attitude: Step-by-Step

  1. Trust your feelings and honor your body for communicating to you.
  2. Distinguish what you can control vs. what you cannot control.
  3. Identify which positive actions will improve your lifestyle.
  4. Plan ways to integrate the identified positive actions into your lifestyle.
  5. Track your progress
    • Channel positive actions into your personal growth.
  6. Measure power through a 1-5 scale, (5 being most powerful) and include this in your progress report; refer to photo, "Scale of Power @ 5pm."
    • Instead of measuring your positive actions through numbers, enter “X” into the space; refer to photo.
  7. Reflect on your progress each week with an average number (1-5).
  8. If your “power” average increases, you are on track. If you find your average remaining stagnant, rethink your positive actions. What can you do differently to increase your power?

According to the American Psychological Association, “Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.
Anger can be a good thing. It can give you a way to express negative feelings, for example, or motivate you to find solutions to problems.
But excessive anger can cause problems. Increased blood pressure and other physical changes associated with anger make it difficult to think straight and harm your physical and mental health.” #MindWarriors #Mindfulness #MarilynManzi #IncreasePower

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