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Increase eBay sales by extending return period

A fair return policy has more rewards than risks.

eBay sales can be increased not only by having a fair return policy, but by having a return policy with a long duration. Consumers aren’t likely to buy things off the internet from strangers if they can’t return them. A return policy creates buyer trust and helps eBay sellers sell more items. If you want to be successful on eBay and be rewarded in search results, include a return policy of at least 30 days.

Research shows that the longer the return period, the less likely a consumer is to use it. This is why stores like Wal-Mart and Target have return policies of 45-90 days. Not only do they want to create buyer trust up front before a purchase occurs, but they are showing the customer that there is no sense of urgency to return the item. This works in the merchant’s favor because the customer does not make the return a priority on his schedule, and many times the item is never returned even though all intentions were to take it back to the store. This same philosophy works for eBay.

Lack of a return policy only increases buyer suspicions, even if the customer has every intention of keeping the item. The only thing that lies between an eBay seller and the customer is a computer screen, so all efforts to build customer trust must be over and above to get the online customer’s business. Certain products are more susceptible to returns, such as formal wear or prom dresses, so every seller needs to create a winning return policy that will work for the customer and their product line.

Cassini, eBay’s search engine, likes a long return policy and customer friendly wording. A well-written and fair return policy will give sellers a boost in the search results. An example of a well-written return policy is:

Returns accepted within 30 days of ship date. Item must be in original condition. Buyer pays return shipping. Contact us for details.

Keep the return policy short and to the point without a lot of scenarios or conditions. Buyers don’t want to see a long rambling return policy – many will not even read it, some will assume it is too complicated, and others will click away from the listing. Avoid verbiage about “Unless item is grossly misrepresented by seller.” This is a huge turn-off for buyers and may cause them to move on to another seller’s listing.

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