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Incorporating color into your home

Sometimes just a "pop" of color is enough.
Sometimes just a "pop" of color is enough.
Courtesy of Devane Design

Are you afraid of color?  Many people are.  And quite honestly, who can blame you?  Think of what the past decades have taught us about color.  The seventies brought avocado green and harvest gold appliances.  The eighties progressed from orange shag carpet and brown macrame' to mauve and colonial blue.  The nineties hit and we started swimming in a sea of neutrality.

So maybe it has taken you a while to warm up to the idea of adding color to your home and you are not sure where to begin.  Here are some simple guidelines to get you started:

Choose a theme:

An easy way to create with color is to have a repeating color in the room or a pairing of colors.  If you are not sure what colors to start with, find an inspirational piece to work from.  It can be your favorite vase or the new throw pillows that you just bought.  Draw off of those colors and build your color scheme around it.

Think mood:

What kind of mood do you want your room to evoke?  Don't think in terms of light or dark, but rather consider how that color makes you feel.  Try warm and soothing colors in a room where you would like to relax.  Or if you need to add some inspiration to a room, add colors that are bright and spring like or ones that promote energy, such as reds and oranges.

Don't Over Commit:

Adding color is great way to make a statement and express your own personality and it does not need to be a long term commitment.  Painting your walls is the easiest way to make a big impact on a small budget.  Start by hiring a professional for a color consultation or experiment with color samples on your walls  For specific tips on interior painting, check out this article.

Avoid Costly Mistakes:

When making larger purchases such as carpet or furniture, think adaptability.  Purchasing big ticket items in new and trendy colors can be fun, but they are more likely to look dated within a few years.  Choose more flexible colors and mix up the look with colorful accessories and accent pieces that can be inexpensively switched up throughout the years.


  • Jo WOods 5 years ago

    No doubt about it, Color is a good thing dude.


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