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Inconsistent outrage and blame in response to CA killing spree

Richard Martinez, father of CA killing spree victim, blames NRA and calls for more gun control
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Last week, a deranged psychopath went on a killing spree in the city of Isla Vista, near the campus of UC-Santa Barbara, in California. He stabbed his two roommates and a friend to death with a knife, and then headed out in search of more victims.

He attempted to enter a sorority-house unsuccessfully, so he began shooting at random people on the street. He ultimately shot and killed three more people, while also running down and severely injuring numerous people with his car. Eventually, after being engaged by the police, he shot himself in the head, ending his killing spree.

After the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared, it was discovered that the killer had left a lengthy manifesto and numerous blog and YouTube posts, detailing in grim fashion his mental imbalance and his plan to seek “retribution” for the slights he felt he had received from the world, especially from women, who he complained would not have sex with him, which he apparently felt entitled to.

People were quick to place blame for his horrible actions. Of course, the anti-gunners and gun control advocates immediately laid blame at the feet of the NRA. To hear them tell it, there was an NRA executive sitting in the passenger seat of his car, whispering in his ear, telling him to kill people, while loading up his legally purchased and registered pistols.

While it is no surprise that the NRA was blamed, because they always are, the outrage of the anti’s was profoundly selective and inconsistent in this particular instance.

As mentioned before, half of the victims of the killing spree were stabbed to death with a knife. Where is the outrage at the knife industry? Was there not an executive of the powerful knife lobby in the residence with him, whispering in his ear to kill his roommates while placing the blade in his hand?

The killer struck and ran over numerous people with his BMW. Where is the outrage at BMW? Surely, the car dealer that sold him the BMW encouraged him to run people over, right? There must have also been a BMW executive sitting in the backseat of the car, telling him which way to steer to hit innocent bystanders, correct?

The killing spree bears a remarkable similarity to the senseless and random violence that is commonplace in video games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’. Where is the vitriol against the makers of ‘GTA’? Surely they hold a portion of the blame for forcing this young man to go on a random and violent crime spree.

The killer said that lack of sex was a major component in his decision to go on his spree. He seems to have felt entitled to sex with beautiful women, and wasn’t able to understand why no women would have sex with him. It is obvious that the porn industry filled his head with the notion that women will have sex with any man, at any time. Where is the outrage at the porn industry? Why hasn’t blame been placed on the porn industry exec that must have told this young man that all the women out there must be killed since they wouldn’t sleep with him?

It should be noted that four of the six victims were men. Although the killer stated that his hatred for women was the driving force behind his rampage, it is obvious that feminists must shoulder the blame for his attacks, as 2/3rds of the victims were men.

Of course, none of these people or groups hold any blame whatsoever for the actions of a psychotic killer. He, and he alone, is responsible for his actions. We can talk ad nauseum about the various events and triggers in the young man’s life that led him to embark on such a terrible rampage, but in the end, it all boils down to one thing…

He is the one that stabbed his friends and roommates. He is the one that loaded up his guns and pulled the trigger. He is the one that ran over people with his car. Nobody else did it, only him.

One of these days, we might get to a place in our society where people take responsibility for their actions, and hold others accountable for theirs. One of these days, we will agree that guns aren’t the problem, and NRA executives haven’t killed anybody, nor do they want to.

One of these days, when the next tragic event inevitably happens, everybody will join together and say, “That guy was obviously crazy. He should have been locked up. Why wasn’t he committed and prevented from posing a danger to himself and others?” And that will be that.

I'm not going to hold my breath though.

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