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Incoming: new PlayStation releases for February 25th

Thief is one of the games sneaking onto PS3 and PS4 on February 25th
PlayStation Blog

The end of February is coming near as March is coming just around the corner. However, PlayStation isn't just going to end the month on a quiet note, they're going to end it with a bang.

A slew of new releases are coming to the PlayStation Store and retail stores on February 25th in the final 'drop' of February. All PlayStation gamers can enjoy the new releases as there will be new games for all PlayStation systems. From the stealthy and sneaky game, Thief, to a collection of the iconic game series, Pac-Man, you'll be sure to find a game to enjoy.

Below is a full list of new releases making their way to the PlayStation Store and a store near you.

PlayStation 4

Thief (Digital and retail - Also on PlayStation 3)

Slink through the shadows of the City and uncover the mystery surrounding Garrett’s strange disappearance. Steal trinkets and gold as you go, and approach every situation with a personal touch. The classic stealth series is back.

Basement Crawl (Digital release only)

Inspired by the classic Bomberman series, Basement Crawl features fiendish arenas with both online and offline modes. Four characters with dozens of traps and skills. Laced with a dark horror theme. "

PlayStation 3

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (Retail and digital)

The origin story of the Belmont family continues wit"h Lords of Shadow 2. Wield immense weaponry and fluid combo chains against your enemies. Drain the blood of those that stand against you, and unlock the secrets of the night.

Magus (Digital release only)

Since the creation of the world, the gods have ruled over mankind and governed its path. But over time, people began to forget the gods and so their power waned. In the wake of this abandonment, the devoted Kinna infiltrates a prison in the Waterfall Realm to search for someone. She finds Magus, and their lives are about to change forever.

Port Royal 3 Gold Edition (Retail release)

Immeasurable wealth and power await you. Set out across a massive environment across multiple campaigns, and master a complex trading system. Experience more than a dozen ship types and partake in thrilling naval battles.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (Retail and digital)

Revel in the fan-favorite JRPG as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. Embark on an epic quest with refined visuals, enhanced audio, a complete Japanese voice track, and the original theme songs. See why JRPG enthusiasts around the world sing praises of the Tales series.

Pac-Man Museum (Digital release only)

Experience the roots of this iconic gaming series with a collection of Pac-Man hits from decades past. Includes nostalgia-inducing oldies and modern classics like Pac-Man Championship Edition.

Herc’s Adventures (PS One Classic)

Seems like Greece has really fallen on some hard times ever since Hades kidnapped Persephone. Using your strength and cunning, help rescue the legendary lady and return Greece to its former glory!

PlayStation Vita

Mahjong World Contest (Digital release only)

Plunge into a host of golden tiles and compete for glory. Challenge more than 100 unique levels across a variety of difficulty modes, and earn experience to advance up the hierarchy.

What new release(s) are you planning on getting?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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