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Incoming dogs continue to rain down on rescues & shelters

The amount of dogs that rescues are taking in never seems to end. As owners continue to surrender dogs to shelters or rescues, due to a myriad of circumstances, the need for foster homes is as prevalent as ever.

These are dogs that have either been recently taken into MWBTR or are waiting to come in due to lack of foster homes.
Becky Chatelain
2 mix puppies waiting to come into MWBTR
Becky Chatelain

A lot of people think that surrendering their dog to a shelter isn't a death sentence but many times, it is. Dogs are euthanized, across the country, every day, and not always humanely. The news is full of stories about shelters who are still using the heart stick method, one suspected right here in Ohio in Gallia County.

Heart stick euthanasia involves a sodium pentobarbital filled syringe injected directly into the chest wall of an animal. If the placement of the needle is not exact and sensitive nerve endings are touched or a lung is punctured, the procedure is agonizing and inhumane. Sodium pentobarbital burns like acid.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, heart stick euthanasia should only be performed on heavily sedated, anesthetized or comatose animals. In Ohio, it is state law to sedate an animal before using a heart stick.

If you have to surrender your dog, please do some research. There are many options, including no kill shelters and rescues who screen their applicants. Please be careful using sites like craigslist due to the predators out there who don't have your animals best interests in mind. Asking for a vet reference, some personal references, and a rehoming fee can help.

If you're interested in adopting a dog, fostering, or donating, check your local shelter, local rescue, or a breed specific rescue. There are thousands of dogs who need homes and shelters and rescues can use many items, including towels, blankets, cleaning supplies, food, toys, treats, and monetary donations, including gift cards.

Please view the attached slide show, which features some dogs that have either recently been taken into Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue or that need to come in and are waiting for foster homes to open up. If you'd like to volunteer, foster, or donate to MWBTR, please visit their website

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