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Incoherent mom leaves 2-week-old daughter on train tracks, blames the Antichrist

The woman left her 2-week-old infant daughter on the train tracks - and ran away.
The woman left her 2-week-old infant daughter on the train tracks - and ran away.

Witnesses in Pueblo, Colo. couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a woman leaving a baby on train tracks the area of 29th and Lowell and then running away.

Officers from the Pueblo Police Department responded to the area on Feb. 14 at approximately 2:15 p.m., to find that a group of concerned citizens were already holding the woman in custody.

Although police said the woman was speaking incoherently, they were able to identify her as 31-year-old Jessica Sloan of Pueblo.

… witnesses informed officers that there were trains stopped in both directions when they observed a female drop her baby on the tracks prior to running away.

Two alert city workers who were on the scene are being credited with retrieving Sloan’s two-week-old infant daughter from the train tracks. Police said that the baby appeared to be safe and healthy, but transported her to the local hospital for a thorough examination.

KRDO interviewed one young man on the scene, Eduardo Fontes, who couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

"She set it down on the tracks, actually on the rail. It was covered up so I thought maybe this was a doll, there's no way this could be a real baby."

Another man on the scene, Butch Kiddinger, saw Sloan jump into the back of a white van where she was trying to hide. Kiddinger and another man detained the woman until police arrived.

When Kiddinger asked her what she was doing, "She said that the Antichrist was going to take her baby."

Pueblo police took Sloan into custody and discovered that she had several open warrants against her, including a “$500 failure to appear warrant for theft.”

Sloan will be facing charges of attempted first-degree murder, according to KKTV, and is being held on $500,000 bond.

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