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Inception reveals mysterious Dream Share: Tactical Employment Procedures Manual


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Another segment of Inception's viral marketing campaign was released by the creative minds behind the Mind Crime game and the PASIV Device Manual. It comes in the shape of a 24 page manual titled Dream Share: Tactical Employment Procedure Manual which includes various dream techniques and how to use them to extract information. The manual reads almost like a graphic novel with each chapter containing graphic illustrations and text blotted out with Sharpie ink, leaving viewers with perplexing visual clues about how information can be extracted from the dreamer. 

The manual was sent to “weathered, beaten and stamped ‘classified’.” It was separated into seven chapters:

  • Specialists/Operatives- The first chapter shows an image of a soldier firing at his intended target, an architect sitting at a desk, and a chemist mixing substances.
  • Environment Creation- This chapter reveals a mazy garden, an overview of a city similar to the one seen in the Mind Crime game, both interesting settings for dream extraction. Other images include what could be Times Square in New York, a military camp, and a palace beside a windmill, camels and a small hut. But why are the images of Times Square and the palace crossed out?

Chapter 1: Specialist/Operatives Visual Clues
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  • The Dream Waking World Relationship- An image of a chemist slapping a man hooked up to the PASIV device. The same man is seen in the next frame handing an object to a smiling woman while another (perhaps the same man) is seen toppling across the room. If pieced together these images suggest that the act of slapping the man in the waking world is perceived directly in the dream. But the perception is interpreted in a new way. Another image of a chemist dumping water over a man's face, in which the dreamer interprets the water as a tidal wave on the verge of interrupting his interaction with the girl in the bikini. A final image of a man being suffocated and experiencing the suffocation at a couple's wedding. In the world of dreams, this is perfectly logical when waking life sounds and sensations penetrate the dream world in interesting ways.
  • The Hostile Subconscious- Time is crucial in the dream world. The same man seen in the previous chapter is staring at his watch while others observe him (a direct parallel to the Mind Crime game). It seems he's been discovered. A house is surrounded by angry people holding torches, followed by a connecting image where people have broken down the door to a office as a man slips away through a hidden door. Did the angry mob get into the house? This is also the only page with visible text that reads,"The projections as they become aware will attempt to seek out and destroy the source of the projection."

The Dream/Waking World Relationship Visual Clue
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  • Warfare in the Dream- Images of tanks, a soldier on his knees calling for help, an injured soldier with a missing arm and a massive explosion. 
  • Interrogation Techniques- An interrogation takes place in an office, but it's unclear who's asking the questions. A con team create a diversion to steal from another man. Two men in an alley, one of which is faceless and copying how the other is moving. A man inspecting counterfeit money beside a barred window, the con man picks a lock, a group of people in the same guise as the con team, and finally an old man rummaging through a cabinet as another gets knocked down.

The Hostile Subconscious Visual Clue
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  • PASIV Device Instructions- The final part of the manual connects perfectly with previous installments of the viral campaign and shows a man waiting for the train with the PASIV device in hand.  It instructs," If yours [PASIV Device] is lost or stolen, you may download a copy here.

    The mystery behind one of the summer's most anticipated films continues, planting yet another seed of information to keep Nolan fans on their toes. Inception arrives in theaters in Los Angeles on July 16.

For more info: Visit to see high resolutions scans of the entire manual. Watch the latest Inception trailer.
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