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Incentives for Peace in the Middle East

The Bible says that in the end times, there will be a peace agreement with many, and with this signing of the peace agreement the tribultion hour begins. Jesus said when you see the signs spoken of in the Bible, look up for your redemption draws near. All who are watching know that the Peace Agreement is about to be signed, but there are certain things that must happen first in order for this prophecy to come into fulfillment.

The most important thing to take place is that the entire Muslim world must come into agreement with the rest of the world and with each other, on how and when this process will take place. And most importantly they must come into agreement with Israel and the Jews. It seems impossible for an event like this to happen, after all throughout the entire history of the Bible, covering thousands of years, the Jewish people have always been at odds with the rest of the world. The world has never known a true sense of peace in the Middle East. But it is Biblical prophecy and prophecy must be fulfilled, so what exactly would it take to actually move this process forward? As Netanyahu had said in one of his recent speeches; if the muslem world is serious about peace, then they will work together to stop Iran with their nuclear ambitions. So it appears that Iran is holding the key to these peace talks. Their cooperation is pivital. And in order for the Palestinians to have their own land, the Muslim Nations must work together to allow this to happen. But there must be some sort of incentive for these nations to become involved, especially with the idea of the Palestinians having East Jerusalem as their capital.

There happens to be a great incentive for the Palestinians to want peace with Israel. They took over portions of the West Bank and even named Ramallah as their capital, but why is it that they now want Jerusalem? Well it seems that for some time, due mostly to various conflicts in the region with Israel, the Palestinian economy has been in a freefall in recent years. In order for individuals to survive and in order for their economy to keep afloat, they had to rely on donations and various funds from the UN and other organizations. Israel has put up blockades and have hired other people in the region, leading to job losses among the Palestinian people. And due to the high unemployment rate, individuals had to rely on government assistance in order to survive.

Tony Blair has been working with the Palestinians in helping to rebuild their economy for some time. He has suggested that young Palestinians learn building trades so they could get work in rebuilding the infrastructure which would help the unemployment rate. Recently Tony Blair has opened talks in Prague, meeting with leaders from around the world, stating that there is enormous potential for doing business with the Palestinian Territories. Twenty two countries and five organizations participated in the talks in which Tony Blair was hoping to bring billions of dollars of investments to the struggling economy. In fact during that meeting, Japan pledged more than two hundred million in aid to the Palestinian Authority. But it is still yet to be determined what it is these countries are so eager and willing to invest in. What is it that could be making these countries and organizations so eager to get on board with such a failing economy? What are these investors suddenly so excited about?

The answer once again could very well have to do with Biblical prophecy unfolding and the signing of the Peace Agreement. It is apparent that when East Jerusalem becomes the capital of Palestine, it may also become the hub of all Muslim nations in the Middle East, making the prospect very attractive, as a money making venture. It may also be a reason for Muslim nations like Iran to come on board with the idea and provide the incentive for cooperation. Could it be that Tony Blair knows that this peace agreement is coming and with this agreement, the Palestinians will become that thriving economy that would bring promise to these investors? Could it be that the Palestinians are so desperate that they are willing to give Israel what they want in order to have the kind of economy that they promised, or is there something else in the works? The Palestinians and the Muslim world may very well know what they can and are willing to do in order to make it all happen.

In fact Obama is holding a meeting with Abbas at the White House on March 17th. Obama will relate the demands to Abbas from Netanyahu, hoping to come up with some sort of deal. Perhaps Abbas is already willing and ready to accept in order to promote Peace and to please his investors, despite what has already been said. Perhaps Abbas knows that this may be the only way.

In any case, Jesus is coming soon and with the signing of the Peace Agreement, the tribulation hour begins. This may happen any day and at a moments notice, so it is best to ber ready at all times, to give your heart to Jesus and to ask him for forgiveness of sins. Jesus will be coming soon to get his bride. Don't miss out on the glorious rapture of the church! Time is running out, ask Jesus into your heart today!

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