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Incense for psychic protection

Burning incense is part of many religious practices.

Dawah Bookshop in south Los Angeles is a community haven of books, oils, incense, soaps and more. Situated on the southwest corner of 48th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard, the unassuming lot seems almost deserted at first glance. Empty boxes, oil lamps and burners, trinkets, small fountains, new, and damaged goods litter the front area around the entrance. It's a treasure hunter's paradise! There's no fancy storefront, but you'll be drawn in by the distinct smell of fragrance oils and incense. The aroma of incense cones, sticks, rocks and resins permeates every inch of the shop and extends far beyond the front door into the large lot in front. If you do any type of psychic or spiritual work, this is a great place to find incense for psychic protection.

Energy medicine, therapeutic touch, meditation, manifesting and prayer all share something in common; they involve the movement of unseen energy and the shifting of vibrations. Most religions burn incense during specific celebrations and services. Each time we participate in these activities, we are exposed to energies and entities that may or may not act in our best interest. As a safe measure, incense can be burned for grounding and protection to avoid the absorption of others' emotions, prevent psychic attack and impede uninvited spiritual attachments. It's affordable, easy to find and simple to use.

Many people mistakenly believe that fragrance is what makes oils and incense effective. It's not the smell, it's the vibration. The Web site,, tells how to burn loose incense, cones and sticks. Each incense vibrates at a different frequency, thus serving a different purpose. Here are some recommendations of various incense flavors for spiritual work and psychic protection.

  • Star anise attracts good luck and drive away negativity.
  • Balsam fir is burned for insight, progression, change, birth, protection, insight and power. It's also good for respiratory work and grounding.
  • Cedar leaf releases emotional energies, purifies, protects and banishes bad dreams.
  • Cinnamon enhances spiritual consciousness and protective energies. It attracts positive energy and purifies.
  • Clove is used for purification and to to drive away negative energy and entities.
  • Dragon's blood strengthens the potency of other resins. It's also used for consecration, protection and good luck.
  • Burn lilac for exorcism and protection.
  • Musk brings protection, enlightenment and sexual magnetism.
  • Myrrh is used for banishing negativity, protection and release.
  • White sage smoke carries our intentions. It cleanses and purifies and is used for meditation, divination, longevity, protection and wisdom.


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