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Inbound marketing & social media rules the marketing world

Marketing Evolution
Marketing Evolution

The marketing playing field has officially changed, and it’s time for marketing teams to understand the scope of these changes. Outbound marketing—marketing via such channels as newspapers, consumer magazines, radio, trade magazines, and television—is going out of style. Today, it’s all about inbound marketing—marketing via mobile media, social media, social networks, and search engines. Inbound marketing accounted for 34 percent of all the leads generated in 2013, and it produced 54 percent more leads than outbound marketing.

Marketing departments should also look to substantially increase social media engagement. Over the last year, the number of questions on Facebook brand pages has increased by 85 percent. Three in four expect a quick response in 60 minutes or less. Finding and hiring the perfect marketing candidate is tough. He or she needs a different set of soft skills and specific personality traits to succeed in the new digital marketing landscape.

To learn about these skills and the overall rise of inbound marketing, check out this infographic!