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In Which A Book Is Read And Music Is Heard

I will write this in italics because has previously mentioned upon review of previous articles written by yours truly that they do not like when I write in italics. I considered writing this in bold italics as well but that would be tantamount to examiner suicide, and I am not prepared to give up my life for the sake of a few written words that no one will ever read. Perhaps a hundred years ago in Soviet Russia I may have sacrificed my life for the cause, or a cause concerning freedom of expression, especially that of the written word, but I am no Trotsky or Lenin and Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico at a Taco Bell so he is only a footnote to the history of the history of words that never made any sense anyhow.

But here is what remains after the revolution in Russia, when the Bolsheviks came to power and Stalin censored Dr.Seuss: nothing. Nothing at all. The Soviet propaganda machine was in full swing: collective farms, the KGB and late night intrusions and murder. Most murders were committed solely upon the belief that the accused had read a book not approved by the State. Hemingway was blackballed. (He said 'blackballed') Even though Ernest battled Fascists in Spain and then boozed it up in Havana he was public enemy #1 in the eyes of Joe McCarthy and the U.S. Senate. Joltin' Joe had nothing on The Old Man and The Sea and Marylin Monroe, who was a Soviet spy. If you don't believe that, I suggest you read Lorca's book of poems entitled 'The Time I Did Marylin In Havana', which is immortalized in a song by the Clash entitled 'Washington Bullets'.

The fact remains that baseball was full of commies and Hemingway was a bad ass. Another fact that cannot be disputed is that I am listening to 'Rock The Casbah' by the Clash, a tribute to Hemingway and the time he spent as an undercover agent of the U.S.S.R in the 1930's. Salvador Dali even painted a painting of this forgotten time in history, simply titled, 'Ernest Is A Spy For Stalin But I Don't Care Because I Am Walking My Baby Leopard In The New York Subway'.

A book was read in Soviet Russia and a Wagner opera was performed in Cuba.

The End.

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