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In Uganda it is deadly to be a homosexual

Marching for gay rights- not an option in Uganda.
bastique fromSan Francisco,US

Uganda president, Yoweri Museveni, has signed a bill into law to ban homosexuality. This law would actually make it illegal to be a homosexual. This act has caused a worldwide outrage as many people are shocked by his controversial action. He believes since homosexuality is a matter of choice and not birth that this could dissuade gays and lesbians from their lifestyle. The president believes the ‘trend’ can be stopped by society if they show they’re against it.

Museveni is unmoved by the reactions from the West. He said, “We have been disappointed for a long time by the conduct of the West, the way you conduct yourselves there.” Obama warned that enacting this law could affect relations between our two nations. Uganda president said that he would not let the West impose their values on Uganda. He has a strong backing for this law in his nation from Born-Again-Christians since they consider homosexuality Anti-Christian.

There will also be many acts committed in this lifestyle that will be considered serious crimes. They will be punished in a variety of ways including jail time. A person found guilty of being homosexual could get up to a life in prison term. This was recently changed from a bill that would put to death any of this sexual persuasion if their rights, could expect to be put in prison for years if that help became known. The death penalty was changed to life in prison. Museveni has scientific proof that there is no gene for homosexuality, so it is a choice. The life in prison term would include those that are serial offenders or have sex with minor and anyone infected with HIV.

There are several levels on which this is wrong. Simply, most would consider the choosing of a partner to love as a personal freedom, some people would even say this is a God-given freedom, but that really depends on your faith and beliefs. No matter what your beliefs, it is surely an area where only God should judge and we are told in the Bible to be tolerant and loving toward others even our enemies, so certainly a gay or lesbian couple should not feel our collective wrath as a country. It is quite extraordinary that a president believes he has the right to judge and regulate this most personal part of a person’s life.

How can a government regulate a relationship between two adult people no matter what the sexual orientation is for that couple? Who will be monitoring this lifestyle and the individuals who have chosen it? Why did this matter come to such a level that someone thinks it must be regulated and made unlawful? Did this start with the Aids epidemic in that area and this was seen as a logical way to stop it?

Besides it taking away a person’s freedom and rights, it is growing portion of the population around the world. Although Uganda and 37 other African nations already make homosexuality illegal, does anyone have the right to impose their will upon another person?

The president said they are ‘tired of homosexuals exhibiting themselves.’ The law will be a final step in a series of laws and acts that were only stopped because European countries threatened to withhold the dollars this country depends upon from Uganda. Already during the Colonialism period of this country sodomy was already considered illegal.

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