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In Today’s World, Look to Technology for Urgent Solutions

You receive a check in the mail; weather conditions make a trip to the bank nearly impossible, for anyone. In yesteryears, you’re up a creek. In today’s terms, one can do banking deposits using a cell-phone and camera. The underlying theme is clearly economics and limited choices. So, this is not about disrupting your desire to enjoy social events with friends; your right to earn money thru employment; nor your favorite meal, drink, or musical listening pleasure. Taking an interest in tech gadgets is more related to curiosity, coupled with fascination, of how the world is and will be changing; but make no mistake, privacy concerns remain part of the mix.

Technology is enjoyed because it touches our sense of curiosity and fascination.
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Getting around the technology way
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On another note, did anyone catch a CBS news report, some months ago? It showed an owner of a business, upgrading his manufacturing process, with robotics. Factually, he created a process resulting in increased staff, improved efficiency, and increased profitability. Also, a philanthropist, who recognized a need, of young kids in Africa, to have reading materials, donated mobile devices, like kindles and ipads, downloading, onto them, the availability of numerous books; two mere illustrations, in a sea of examples.

As always, there’s a coooool-ness about making people aware of new electronics, building relationships with those bringing them to market. And given the 2014 CES, there are an abundance of possibilities. In this light, writers are perceived by some, as perhaps, indicia towards things we are not; while others fail to see some key benefits. We welcome the constructive viewpoints of our readers, supporters, naysayers, and well wishers; however, ultimately, it’s the writer’s true internal and external principles, standing as the sole and final orbiter, on what writing means to the writer.

1.) IZON Digital Signage Launching at CES; Delivers Glasses-Free 3D Advertising;;

2.) Razer Nabu is a revolutionary wearable technology that can assist with life efficiencies, health/fitness and even social life.;

3.) Lynx Grills, Inc. introduces voice-activated smart grill.;

4.) CES's 2014 Green Guide:


6.) “DASH IT” a simple mount for the car dashboard that props the phone up at an angle so that drivers can see their directions;;

7.) Amzer will be retailing: AMZERcontrol™ control unit, AMZERcontrol™ white light bulb, AMZERcontrol™ RGB light bulb and the AMZERcontrol™ Wireless Plug.

8.) Paramount Digital Entertainment new series premiering on Hulu called "The Hotwives of Orlando;

9.) Talygen’s single cloud application; try out app at;

10.) ZTE Car Mode application for ZTE Android devices;;;

11.) Voice recognition added to M100 Smart Glasses;;

12.) AirDrop Gaming HipShotDot, an exclusive powered red dot sight attachment for first person shooter games;

13.) Cellcontrol’s DriveID™keeping drivers from being distracted while allowing passengers to use phones freely.;

14.) INSIDE Secure (NYSE Euronext Paris: INSD), introduces new approach to embedding a robust security platform in mobile devices;

15.) SenseGiz brings STAR, a wearable smart tech product with safety and activity tracker;;

16.) Plustek’s scanning products: SmartOffice SC8016U; SmartOffice PS456U; OpticSlim 1180, and A3 tabloid sized flatbed scanner.;

17.) AORUS X7: Slimmest and Lightest GTX SLI Gaming Laptop on Earth;;

18.) The Germany-based start-up tado° presenting 'The Heating App'.;

19.) DJI showcasing it’s aerial camera systems.;

20.) MD Revolution launching a new digital health platform, RevUp! Health Accelerated;

21.) ClubVINCI, a trans-media mobile learning platform for children ages 3 to 8;;

22.) Sharp Unveils Five New Audio Products for 2014;;

23.) Kaleidescape debuts Limited Edition Cinema One with preloaded content! Kaleidescape, Inc.;

24.) iRing™, the first motion-tracking controller for iOS music apps;;

25.) Polaroid’s new smartphone and tablet line up for Europe and Asia;;

26.) Scosche magicMOUNT; a system of cradle free magnetic mounts for car, home or office.

27.) The One Llama ( adds audio smarts to any devices, ranging from smartphones, watches, activity cameras, fitness monitors, and other wearables.

28.) CONNECTEDEVICE Ltd introduces COGITO POP™, the connected watche.

Danalock allows you to open your door with your smartphone;

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