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In The Trenches: Florida And The Legalization Of Marijuana

In The Trenches: Florida And The Legalization Of Marijuana
In The Trenches: Florida And The Legalization Of Marijuana

For the past few months the push for medical marijuana to be legal in the State of Florida was like a steam roller going down a hill There was very little opposition coming from those not wanting it. Then the legislature signed off on the Charlotte's Web version of medical marijuana. Governor Rick Scott just recently signed it into law.

This November the citizens of the great State of Florida get to vote on a stronger version of medical marijuana. As Charlotte's Web has little or no THC, the Amendment 2 version has all the THC you want. Amendment 2 marijuana would also help with pain and nausea associated with say chemotherapy or radiation treatments that go along with cancer. For some this signals the full legalization of marijuana in Florida and that they don't want.

Members of the Florida sheriffs department have come out against legalization. Big money from Vegas have gotten their teeth sunk into the fight against legalization. On the other hand those wanting to push for legalization of Amendment 2 have begun to take a grass roots approach. Activists like Chris Cano of Medical Marijuana Tampa see the legalization as not only a plus for those needing the weed to fight illness but also a monetary shot in the arm like the state of Colorado has been experiencing since the beginning of the year. Don't get me wrong medical marijuana advocates have big money on their side. Attorney John Morgan fought to get the amendment on the ballot and has been a leading advocate for legalization. The battle lines are drawn in the governor's race as Former Governor Charlie Crist is for Amendment 2 while Governor Scott is against it.

As I have stated all along this is going to be a deciding factor in the November elections not just in Florida but in all 50 states. The battle lines are drawn. The push on both sides will become a hotly contested issue. Amendment 2 in the latest poll shows 88% of the State of Florida are in favor of its passage. How the state institutes the distribution should be the topic of conversation now. We are all looking forward to this November. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to