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In the Spirit of Personal Responsibility

In the midst of devastation, young people in Detroit march for peace in their community.
In the midst of devastation, young people in Detroit march for peace in their community.
Queen Afi A.N. Reynolds

The Spiritual Awakening has come, so if you don't know that or if you know that you are asleep...WAKE UP! You have a lot of work ahead of you and time is ticking!

Personal responsibility is subjective at best, it’s relevance is dependent on a person’s values, attitudes, and beliefs about the topic. No one can judge or speculate about personal responsibility. A person has to define it for themselves. I have taken on the personal responsibility of speaking what I see and hear through Spirit (hence the above tag!), and to point to some topics that have been off the table for most of us over 55. Personal responsibility is one of those topics that humans seem to be divided about, especially the “ME” generation who were bombarded with the glorification of Individualism. This is a topic that is very important to the youth, and off the table or not, they want to know. They want to know that they are their brother’s keeper and the responsibility they have felt for the earth is not a fantasy. They want to know that their dreams and visions are real, and what to do with them. They want to know that we care more about them then maintaining our level of comfort, and that we are prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure a safe, clean, vibrant earth. They need to know that nothing in life worth having is free or easy; you have to do the work on your spiritual development and attune it to the frequency of attracting what you need; to live a free, peaceful life. But if those of us over the age of 55 don’t (won’t or can’t) understand this, we are definitely not passing it down to our children.

Our children need to know that we are still evolving as human beings. Evolution, for me, can be described in a variety of contexts, but human evolution involves learning, growing, and healing. The choices we make as a race – the human race – determine our ability to evolve, but evolution is not a one-time thing, or process that you get to some utopic end and you’re done learning, growing and healing. The world has undergone many changes in the past 500 years, but it’s nothing compared to the 20,000 or more years the human race has existed. But the damage that we have done to the Earth in the last 500 years, exceeds anything in human history, as we are told.

So it’s like, your mother gives you a rare, one-of-a-kind flower, and tells you to take care of it and pass it down to your children, and in 5 generations it will automatically transform into a one-of-a-kind money tree. The first two generations care for the plant like it’s sacred. The third generation goes through a natural disaster, and they cover the plant to protect it. The fourth generation uncovers the plant but forgets what it was for, so they start to investigate the plant, breaking it down to examine the pieces; they conclude that it’s a rare, one-of-a-kind flower. The fifth generation decides that it no longer values flowers and destroys the plant.

Well, we have done that with the most important aspect of our humanity, Spirit. We’ve even come to the place where we no longer embrace our spirit and we are willing to implant it into a machine. And yes, we are the generation that values machines and what they can produce over human beings. That’s why social media is so prevalent (notice I didn’t say powerful) because it allows people to be with their machines instead of being with other people; which is our purpose, to be united in peace. It is our spirit that gives us the opportunity to interact on a molecular level with our environment; to create life and to know through divine revelation. It is our spirit that drives us to connect and reproduce. Our children are coming into this world with memories, and they are not pleased with the state of affairs here on earth.

What legacy have you inherited and what are you passing down to the next generation. That they are divine beings with unending potential to be and do the best and highest that they can be, or that we are intellectual beings with limited potential to accomplish extraordinary things, but the mental capacity to copy what we see. Peace!

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