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In the Spirit of PEACE

The Spiritual Awakening has come, so if you don't know it or if you know that you are asleep...WAKE UP! You have a lot of work ahead of you and time is ticking!

Watching the SOTU speech sent me into a deep reflection on why it is so important to promote chaos as an acceptable aspect of living on this earth. What is even more mind-boggling are the masses of people around the world that are in the troughs of chaos, and honestly believe that this is somehow inevitable and acceptable “state of affairs.” Now, I am in no way so naïve as to imagine that chaos should not must exist as the complement and balance to creation. The form of chaos that I am focusing on is “WAR.” Because war is something that human beings wage against each other, and it is something that human beings can stop doing.

When the cry for war arises, innocent women and children become collateral damage, as if naming it something else makes it less murder. And we know about innocent people being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, now most Americans can say they know one of “those people” personally. Even with first-hand proof of the devastating and chaotic nature of war, the message is…war is sacred, ordained and sanctioned by God himself, it is a necessary evil in the complex modern world we live in. And when it comes to war, there are no limits, anything goes, the end justifies the means. But we know that these statements are not true…the energy that makes us human (our spirits) demands balance, therefore there must be limits, there must be a commitment to manifesting the highest and the best of what it means to be human, and there must be a collective dedication to “right action.”

No more war…can you even imagine what that would look like? This is serious now, because if you can’t imagine it, we’re all in trouble, so give yourself a chance…sit back and relax…take a deep breath and let the rising fear inside your gut settle down, then blow that fear energy down to the bottom of your feet and out. Now imagine…Peace not war….just let it sink in, then repeat after me…PEACE, NOT WAR. Now close your eyes and repeat to yourself…PEACE NOT WAR…what do you see! Did you see a smiling face, a flower blooming in the desert, what did you imagine in your peaceful world with no more wars? Or did you see a bright light that got larger and more encompassing every time you repeated the words. This is serious business, especially if you are to survive surrounded by this new level of vibration that has awakened a higher energetic consciousness on this earth.

The Dali Lama and Stephen Hawkings, have been joined by a multitude of scientist and religious leaders (especially the HRCC) who continue to tell humanity that from a universal perspective, humanity is low man on the vibration totem pole. Mr. Hawkings goes on to say, that if there is life on other planets, they are energetically so far more advanced than us, that we would do well to leave them alone! Still, we ignore all of that and go on our merry way flaunting our “free will” around like a license to do “whatever.” Just look around, we behave more like the animals around us, who naturally exhibit characteristics associated with slower, low level vibrations, and a lot of people rejoice in that fact. Religions have made God (supposedly the highest vibration) exhibit the attributes of man imitating animal. But samples taken of the electro-magnetic field that encircles the planet indicate that human emotions/feelings/thoughts (different from intellect) can change the vibrational level of this energy field. Case in point, the first U.S. Presidential inauguration of Mr. Barack Obama, this change was so significant that the story ran on the major news outlets. In the book “Power versus Force,” by D.R. Hawkins, M.D.; the importance of vibration to life itself is eloquently and elaborately expressed, and how vibrations manifest in and through everything that exists (thoughts, words, actions, and things). He explains how the level of vibration corresponds to our ability to absorb and realize levels of human characteristics that reach to the highest vibration which is our ability to transform others. It all depends on who you think you are…are you an animal, or are you a spiritual/energetic being creating a physical existence.

Human beings are responsible for their every thought and action. Human beings have the power to manifest their highest desires. If you desire peace; spread the word: put down the guns there is nothing to fear. Encourage your friends: war is not sacred or God ordained but life is. Write about it, sing songs about it, stand up for it everywhere you go: PEACE! Join a movement to elevate human consciousness by going out once a month to your most sacred place (a place where you feel most at peace) and starting with yourself and with every fiber of your being, express the energy of peace out into the world. For everyone that you know, were ever in contact with, or ever heard about – PEACE. You have the power now do you have the courage?

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