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In The Moment returns with season 3 premier and celebratory launch party

cast of In The Moment
cast of In The Moment

Successfully promoting safer sex and health in the Los Angeles gay community, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, along with writer/ director Dave O'Brien, currently of Deliberate Content, devised a new strategy to appeal to contemporary 21st century LA gay men, and created the hit web-series, In The Moment, at

The series, which has just started its third season, tackles an array of issues that confront gay men of today, who live and work in or around West Hollywood, courageously addressing hard hitting problems such as HIV prevention and transmission, meth use, sex addiction, among many others.

This series is a revolutionary new player in HIV prevention, a first of its kind on-line gay soap opera that hits much closer to home than simple dry STD / STI education of the past. The show, with each episode lasting no longer than 5 minutes, thus appealing to the short attention span world of today, is filmed in the heart of West Hollywood, engages familiar faces (well known actor Sammy Sheik plays character Edgar, with cameos by local trans-gender celebrity Calpernia Addams, among others), locales and issues that appeal directly to a LA audience.

In The Moment subtly engages its viewers, slyly making them think about their physical and mental health, without being beat over the head with decades old regurgitation of HIV prevention material.

And such, the issues now have a face and name. One of the series stars, the aforementioned character Edgar, is grappling with meth and sex addiction. HIV positive and HIV negative couple, Carlos and Ricky, shed light on what it means to live and love someone with HIV. Characters Billy and Steven debate on again, off again use of condoms during sex, and the list goes on.

The series has garnered much attention and appeal by LA as well as international audiences, and takes one bold step forward using new media in the campaign against HIV infection.

This week the series premiered the first episode of season 3 on-line, and to celebrate the new episodes, a launch party is scheduled for next week on Wednesday, February 2nd, at HERE Lounge. The community at large is invited, and with the $5 cover, join the cast, crew, and production team, as they celebrate the new start to season 3 of this acclaimed web-series, and help bring attention to its worthy cause of fighting HIV.


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