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…In the meantime, it's all good

Into the dry pit
Into the dry pit
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The story of Joseph (Genesis 37: 1-36) in the Old Testament is a tale of trust, faith, patience and “in the meantime”. The simple of the story is Joseph’s brothers, jealous of their father’s affection towards him and fueled by a dream in which Joseph saw his brothers bowing to him, meant to harm and get rid of him by first throwing him into a dry well and then selling him into slavery. Yet through a series of events, we find the brother’s manipulations put their brother in the perfect place at the perfect time, leading him to be the 2nd in command to the Pharaoh! A dream comes true!

New Living Translation
you intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.

So how do we do this, wait for the perfect outcome and maintain sanity while it all works out… in the meantime? Patience is a virtue and what we call moral excellence; without blemish, wear or care. Yet practical application is more than a notion or just something one reads on a page. It is a state of knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, “everything is alright” and whatever this is, “has come to pass”

One thing that has worked for me is to maintain a check list of spiritual practices. These are daily practices that keep me consciously connected to God. When obviously out of balance and swayed by appearances, take a look at what you’re doing, For example, how is my meditation, visioning, journaling, walks in nature, (exercise) fasting, prayer and the one easily forgotten and often overlooked, what are my acts of service to community? (Volunteer) Begin with a deep cleansing breath, breathe again and then “just do it” Watch what happens.

Spiritual practices during these times of trials greatly assist shifting attitude. Practiced faithfully, we find ourselves like Joseph, humble, forgiving and steeped in the unconditional love of God. We begin to trust, "Thy will (for balance, harmony and unity) be done” knowing on a soul level, everything is alright; well and good, even when it doesn’t feel good. We begin to trust, God’s time is always, “right on”. This is the only action ultimately required in the meantime. For God, no matter the condition or circumstance, no matter what the “it,” means it all for good.

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