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In the light of innocent eyes

Ever look out the window to see how the day is getting started? To stop just for a moment, looking all around you and know you are apart of that beginning? To allow yourself to really feel all that is around you, all that is before you and truly feel it? To know deep within you, that you have been given something so precious to be a fraction of? Next time take a closer look to all that is around you; spend some time really looking to see all the beauty around you. Close your eyes and breathe in that knowing… that you are here, here to be connected to all that is before you. You cannot help but to bring a smile to your face in doing this. Just to know you are apart of something so magnificent that it takes your breath away. 

Seeing life come to bloom before your very eyes is one of the graces that we are all gifted with. It does not matter who you are, it does not matter where you live. Ever second of the day there is life. It does not matter the eyes that are used to view it, it does not matter the life that is viewing it. It is still the moment when you realize that you are apart of something and that you have that chance to be the best you can be and do the best there is to do. It does not matter who you are, where you are at. Everything we see, everywhere we look we have the opportunity to start fresh to start anew.

Why not let it be today. 

When I was a little girl I used to watch the world through the eyes of so many different individuals. I would view their world through my eyes and I loved every minute of it as I was allowed to share their story with them. I was allowed to be apart of history in their lives and feel their love, joy, pain, sorrow and wonder. I was allowed to be that individual, to be in their shoes for that moment of time they shared to bring alive their life through the eyes of a Childs point of view. Through the eyes of the innocence, to see and embrace all things in the beauty it is meant to be. 

To walk and journey through that individuals life and to know I was connected on a level that embraced all of it. Every child does, every child views the world through the eyes of those around them. Every child sees so much more than the individual who has grown up and has lost that sight from within.

The adult that grew up to be told there was work now that needed to be done. To leave behind all that they knew up to that moment when the physical reality took hold. The child who never had a chance for that life is a child no less than those around them. They still see the beauty around them, no matter where they are. They still feel the world pain just as you and I. They still have dreams, hopes and wishes and they have been given the promise that one day it shall come. For they have the eyes of the innocence, no matter who they are or where they are. 

That child now resides in you no matter whom you are and where you are. It does not matter for life is within you. You have not lost it, but maybe tucked it away. Some even hide it for a rainy day when they can pull it out to view and then neatly tuck it once more away. Deep within each living soul there is this wonder of what could be. What is out there for me? What is it all about? Is all of this really worth it? How can I make that difference? Who am I? What can I do that had not been done before? How do I love once more? 

What you can do is to once again, go deep within and start a new. Start to see everything through the eyes of the innocence.

Many new developments have been coming our way in the past few weeks and months all of this is the next generation of consciousness that we are feeling.  It is all about the innocence of who we are. Now, that is implied through so much more than one may think. 

It is the innocence of our childhood, our youth and our growth into the human being we are right now. How we have lived our lives and how we are living it right now? How well is it that you see everything around you in the innocence of what it truly is?  Those who have come before us have contracted out for so much more but what a wonderful way for this new generation to see?  We have all connected through our lives on so many levels all that these individuals gave to us and have given of themselves. All with the same theme, different contracts but always with the same theme. They were masters of their times… just as you and I. 

Our lives have been lived in many directions as we lived through the life of those around us. Whether that is from those who are physically in our lives that we see, touch and know each day or those who come to us through our dreams, hopes and inspirations.

As a child I would finish the dreams of the adults around me. Give to them that which they no longer could give to themselves. When we take a look around we see the generations before and after us. What is the difference between the two? Is there really any? Are we all the innocence in so many ways that we dream that which others dream, believing that this is only our dream?

When we incarnated here on Mother Earth we began a dream of light accomplishments. We looked around and said I am ready to live on Earth; I am ready to bring about changes, ideas, and the love that is really needed for those upon her right now to get through. Through those eyes were the eyes of the innocence, ones who know that it really can happen. It really can be done… this thing that is so much but truly so little to do. We gave everything we had to say we would be a part of the ascension of Mother Earth. Remember we choose to be here right now. No Matter whom you are and what you are doing. You chose to be here to assist in all ways. You chose to be here to learn that which you needed as a soul to begin anew in another direction. Now, are there those individuals who are struggling? Yes, that is called the earth physicalness. Are there those individuals here who have lost their way? Yes, that is called looking and seeking to learn and finding false hope. Is there those individuals here who just do not understand? Yes and that sometimes I called keeping a veil of the rose to which nothing shall be seen or done until their time.

But through all of this there is that specialness deep inside that is the innocence trying to look and see if this is really what there needs to be at this time. The innocence that there are things here on Mother Earth that is too unattractive for them right now. That is not what was in mind when they decided to be here. So they will close themselves off until that which is true to behold shall show itself to them. When will this happen? I am glad you asked. As it is happening now and that is why so many are having their awakening. It is time no matter how hard they try not to see all that is around them.

That is why so many are on meds and other addictions. That is why so many are having a hard time. It is not supposed to be this way this time around and they are no longer going to put up with it. So they begin their search, and this too is why it is so easy for the negative to come calling and lure so many towards it in the falseness it is presenting to others. It is saying here we are over here, just join us and you shall see truth in your eyes of innocence. The only problem is that the truth is not what they shall receive in their searching from this falseness.

As their innocence is looking for the truth, they shall open their innocence eyes to see and the falseness will be revealed and it is ugly. That is why the falseness really is enjoying itself right now. It is showing a side of itself that others can relate to on a human level that is comforting. It gives the false illusion that it is all right. That everything is fine and that it can show you the way to the light. But the only thing it shows is the ugly truth at your own peril. This too is why so many turn from the light, turn from their innocence as they have been down that road before and it had turned ugly. It has proven itself as false. So their innocence eyes just turn from that which they are here to do. They fight hard against their own awakening. They will place veils of roses before them to not see anymore.

So as we look around with innocence eyes remember that each living soul is innocence. We are going through this energy right now and it is letting us know it is here and going nowhere anytime soon. Be the innocence in your own life and share it with others. Do not worry that you shall not be there for everyone. Just be there for one and then another and another. It only takes one to make a million.

This energy will continue to grow as we are given much to look at in the coming times. Be innocence in your work, at play and to your own true self. Be the one in a million to bring it out to those you meet, those you are acquainted with and to those you do not recognize. Do not be fooled by those of falseness as you shall know them in the words they speak to you. Just be the light to them as you are the light to your own innocence and it will always be true to you.

Be the awakening of Light to many as they are to you!

May you be here with us for now and always to be the innocence in all we do here on Mother Earth, as this energy brings you to look at the lives of many and the lives in which we live….

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2012 Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones

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