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In the headlines: UTEP students at risk for identity theft

El Paso Motherhood Examiner
El Paso Motherhood Examiner

In recent El Paso, TX headlines it has been reported that the University of El Paso, Texas (UTEP) has admitted in a recent mailing to students that there is the possibility that student social security numbers may have been visible in tax forms that were sent out earlier. It’s been suggested in the article for students to monitor credit reports for suspicious activity.

This is not the first time, security has been an issue where social security numbers are a concern for parents and students at UTEP. In 2006, KFOX also reported an issue regarding hackers. These hackers, which were a small group of students who were prompted by an attempt to prove a Student Government election was rigged had access to the social security numbers of students and faculty.  UTEP also has this to say about the necessity of students providing social security numbers and also on protecting it.

Are you worried about your child’s or your own financial safety? Identity theft is a huge problem in this day and age as there are people out there who would use your information to open credit cards accounts, apply for loans, and otherwise damage your financial (and in some cases, personal or professional) reputation. Here are several tips your family can use to safeguard important personal information to keep identity predators at bay.

8 tips to protect your identity from thieves

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