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In the clinch: Three wines for your Thanksgiving rucksack

Finish it off with some real dry Spanish Sherry.  Combined with pumpkin pie, it's an excellent pair.
Finish it off with some real dry Spanish Sherry. Combined with pumpkin pie, it's an excellent pair.
T. Peiffer

Just been asked to “do your part” for the Thanksgiving gathering, you say? But not too keen on cooking, are you? So why not offer to handle the “real beverages”? But let’s do it with a little class. Fine, it might cost you some, but not being into cooking or food prep has its price.

So let’s pull together a few gems that will take the wine drinkers through every minute of the festivities, the potpourri of food, and the load of delicious pies that Aunt Martha has so thoughtfully dropped off the day before.

Where to get this stuff in the final hours? Big box outlets of course (extended hours), and in reality, any of the valley’s Total Wine stores is probably your best bet to pull this off using the time you have available.

For starters, when you consider white wines that just work, bubbly has to be in the mix. So to keep it simple, combine bubbly with one of the world’s most versatile wine varietals, Riesling. To do this Dr. Heidemanns Riesling Brut Sekt is anxious to please. Chill well and pop it with the appetizers and salad. It’s a Total Wine WineryDirect selection at about $22.

Moving on to the meats, stuffing, veggies, and whatever else comes out of those pots & pans, crack open some Hartford Court Pinot Noir Lands Edge. It’s about $30 at Total Wine, but remember, you don’t cook, so shell out. This wine is a pairing delight loaded with rich cherry, floral, and a nice acidic balance. There’s not a bird it won’t tame! Serve slightly chilled.

Of course at the end of the meal, there are Aunt Martha’s pies, plus whatever sweets that others choose to throw in. This is where you want to take them to a place where many have never been, dry Sherry with dessert. And a dry Oloroso Don Nuno, produced by Lustau, is just the ticket. At about $27 it’s mid-priced, but you don’t do pies either, so pony up. Hey, it sports a dry nutty deep barrel essence will put those pies over the top. Chill just a tad beforehand.

So there you have it, estimate the number of drinkers, do a little math, load up on enough of the three to get it done, and have some fun. Happy Thanksgiving, and appreciate that there are those who still can produce such treasures, ship them to a nearby outlet, and offer them to those of us that don’t cook so well!


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