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In The Chat launches innovative text messaging platform

Communication Technology
Communication Technology
By Derrreck via Getty Images

One of the most recent innovations in the customer service space has been the addition of social media. However in spite of its growing popularity another platform is making its own buzz. In the Chat Communications Inc. (ITC)., the enterprise social media sales and service platform, announced June 10, 2014 the next focal area of communications that is a new text messaging customer service channel to benefit both companies and consumers.

Traditionally contacting a company’s customer service channel leads to long periods of wait and sometimes not getting immediate results or resolutions to a problem. All of the existing channels-with social media been the latest in the customer service-a lot of information has to be divulged before resolving any wide range of issues.

The short messaging service (SMS) is a feature highly used on any virtually any phone manufactured and sold today. The enhancement of having a SMS platform operational for companies means customers will probably be enticed by the convenience, the personalization and the experience brings with it.

“Everybody uses text messaging. Ask any millennial in the world if would you rather call a company for customer service or text them for customer service? It gives you the privacy that you don’t necessarily get with the publicity of social media, and gives you the privacy right there on your device,” said In The Chat CEO John Huehn.

The CEO went on to explain the process of how this will be fully implemented into a company’s organization and what is at the core. Initially consumers will not be required much except to have a text enabled phone and that’s it. No obligations to download a piece a software, no installation of a mobile app, no need to chat with an agent on your computer etc.

The platform of ITC will utilize the existing infrastructure it has deployed in the social media sphere. In other words, the platform is built on text mining algorithms that can read and categorize social media in order to deliver the posts to the specified agent. For the SMS channel this mechanism will work much in the same way.

As part of this initial deployment of a cost-effective channel the industries to include SMS are companies in banking, telecom, airlines, retail and hotel. The feedback, the response from companies excited about the inclusion of this cutting-edge, customer service communication technology has been positive, according to Huehn.

Companies leveraging this SMS platform will introduce to customers a novel way to reach them and eliminate the traditional backlogs. This will transform the sort of linear process customer service is known for and will be tailored towards the needs of customers habits.

Social media is a public space and for that reason sometimes customer inquiries get out of control to the point of becoming viral in the eyes of many users. Furthermore, this also means having to not only mitigate an embarrassing customer service request, but dealing with multiple issues simultaneously.

Finally, this SMS customer service avenue means having an opportunity to vastly improve the customer buying experience and changing things up a bit. Customers want to have a process that facilitates getting what they need in the least amount of time. Meanwhile companies want to ensure more positive transactions that leads to longer customer relationships along with a greater level of retention.

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