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In the beginning there is no separation of male and female

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In the beginning male and female are one there is no separation. Then because choice has been introduced Adam chose to separate to interfere with the connection of Qudsha Brikh Hu and Shekhinta. Because of this separation this fateful choice that connection is interrupted. It would appear that Adam denied his feminine nature at least for a moment that was enough to cause the separation.

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Now Torah shows us that it is possible to return to that state of unity but it also shows us the intransigence of Adam in his stubborn refusal to allow his feminine nature to become one with him. If you look at the stories that follow throughout Torah you can witness a coming close to unity and then a breaking apart of that unity. All of this is because of the choice that Adam makes to deny his feminine nature.

Consciousness is made up of an active male and a receptive female counterpart. The person who manages to unite these two parts of their innate nature accomplishes the uniting of Qudsha Brikh Hu and Shekhinta.

It is the recognition that there is separation that allows the unity to take place. This recognition allows Adam to suppress his stubborn nature and to make peace with the female counterpart through which he must become reunited in order to experience the unity of God.

Now Torah does offer several instances where it appears to condone this separation in terms of the treatment of women. These examples are to show the stubborn nature of Adam who attempts to codify that intransigence. However, the truth always remains that unification must take place in spite of the archaic customs that Adam has institutionalized. This unification is as the beginning. It is the ideal state; one in which out thoughts are translated into righteousness simply because male and female are one.

Male and female in the beginning are One. Any separation that occurs thereafter is a result of Adam's stubborn nature in making the choice to continue that separation since it serves his lower nature. Despite the bad press in Torah that seems to blame Eve it is Adam that deserves responsibility for the separation. Remember it was Adam who asks for a helpmeet all the while understanding that it was and is already a part of him. Today that same Adam promotes the separation of male and female by his treatment of woman in sometime overt and subtle ways of keeping her in the background behind a fence or somehow diminishing her rights. The kicker is that woman cannot be suppressed. She will rule the day simply because without Her Adam left to his own devices will time and again destroy the world he lives in.

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