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In the beginning, God created.

“In the beginning, God created...”

The very first thing we learn of God is that He was creative.  Creativity is a significant attribute that marks us as image-bearers.  The beasts cannot create music or poetry.  Flowers can only inspire art.  Creativity is a part of us we cannot suppress or deny.  By neglecting the act of creating, we miss being who God has intended us to be.   

Mark from Jonathan Larson’s Rent, Mark exclaims “The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation.”  Creativity opens the door to creating life, and can even shut the door to destroying life.  Jesus knew this well.  He often used creativity in His acts of mercy.  In the gospel of John, the Pharisees brings to Jesus a woman caught in adultery.  They want to stone her for her crime.  Jesus responds by kneeling and drawing in the dirt with a stick.  He responds so unconventionally; you can imagine the confusion of the Pharisees.  They attempt to get His attention repeatedly, and He keeps drawing in the dirt.  Finally He looks up, and asks the one without sin to cast the first stone. Stones fall from their hands one by one, and they walk away. Jesus looks at the woman, and releases her from condemnation. Jesus thwarted the will to destroy with the life-giving force of creativity.  

You can miss out on the joy of creating, because you mistake creativity for skill.    Create for the sake of living life abundantly.  Make up foolish songs for the Creator God.  Paint something just to bring color to a blank canvas.  Write anything just to tell a story.  Compose a poem, and forget about whether it rhymes.  Just let go and worship by the act of creation. Take hold of what it means to be an image-bearer. Create for the sake of creation.

Here some ideas for ways to spark the creative flame.

*Paint and decorate some old furniture, and create new furniture.  You can check out the Sticks gallery on Locust in the East Village.


Go out and buy a composition notebook and decoupage it with old magazine clippings and photos.   Pure Paper in the East Village has a lot of unique paper products, and examples of paper crafts.

*Check out the Des Moines Social Club for inspiration from music, theater, film, dance etc. (


Don’t forget the greatest source of inspiration: nature.  Check out the botanical center, or go for a walk on the Neal Smith Trail, or  explore the Gorge Viewing Area by Saylorville Lake.