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In the age of Facebook, Twitter and Skype, how do you ask them out?

A reader approached me with this, ironically she approached me via Skype. Her question was, "Sarah, in the age of Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, how do you ask someone out? And, what is an acceptable way to be asked out?" She was referring to when you meet someone by means other than on Internet dating sites.

There are two scenarios: one, you know the person, hang out with the person in big groups and are most likely linked to the person via Facebook. The other scenario, you meet someone at a bar, at First Fridays in the Crossroads District or in the lobby of your psychiatrist.

In my opinion it is perfectly acceptable to ask someone out via electronic messaging of any kind. I'm sure there are many people who disagree with me but hey, I dated for 19 years, whose opinion do you want, mine or theirs? That's what I thought, so keep reading.

If you run in the same circle as someone else, its perfectly acceptable to approach them via email and say, "Hey Tara, was wondering if you had any free time next week to have lunch with me?" When I was single, I actually had a crush on someone and used a work function as an excuse. We were already friends and I knew his email address. I emailed him something like this, "Hey ****, we have a poker night for work next week, I thought it would be fun if we went together, what do you think?" **** turned me down. And it was easier being turned down electronically, believe me!

Now on the other hand, you just met someone in your psychiatrist's lobby. You want to ask them out. What do you do? If they aren't wearing a wedding ring...say something like, "Would you want to have coffee sometime?" Or, "What are you doing tomorrow for lunch, would you want to meet at Bluebird Cafe?"

Just because this is the age of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a billion other social networking sites, by no means suggests that old-school chivalry and asking-someone-on-a-date-in-person has gone by the wayside. On the same hand, it is okay to utilize electronic means of communciation.


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