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In response to "The Sneaker"

$4.00 at Walmart!
$4.00 at Walmart!

Last weeks' post entitled "The Sneaker" has generated some back-lash for me (a first, and to be honest I like it!) But I feel the need to defend my thoughts and opinion. One comment I received was defending the decision to wear sneakers with holes in them for the sake of putting food on the table. Please don't mis-understand my opinion. In no way, or at any time, did I say to forsake the basic needs of yourself or your family for the sake of fashion. My point simply is that I see no reason to have to wear shoes with holes in them or dirty beat-up sneakers.

Not all of my shoes are designer shoes. I have bought shoes at Wal-Mart, Superstore and Value Village (perhaps the greatest of all 3 where my husband scored a brand new pair of Prada shoes for $17.99!). Shoes don't have to be expensive. Second hand shoes (if fitted properly to your foot) can be just as great, and sometimes greater, than brand new shoes.

My point while writing about The Sneaker was that the particular woman that I was thinking about has no excuse to be wearing those. I know for a fact (having seen them myself!) that she has several pairs of very cute and stylish shoes. However, she chose to wear those worn out sneakers with the holes in them. Which was what my opinion was based on. Given the choice, she picked the worn out shoes instead of the hole-less shoes. My opinion never stated that she chose to buy cute shoes instead of put food on the table. There is a big difference and fashion doesn't have to come at the expense of things all the time.