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In-or-out, period!

A back-in-the-day memory that I fondly recall is of my mother always commanding to my sister, brothers and myself that “. . .you’re either going to be ‘in-or-out’, period!. . .”; which was immediately followed by a more ominous command of “. . .quick slamming that door! . .” We had been continuously running in and out of the house playing tag, you’re it during those lazy, careless days of summer vacation. Eventually, the repetition of that raggedy old screen door slamming repeatedly pressed a nerve and my mother’s commands emerged.

Currently, I am working with a client who wants to improve their home’s curb appeal. The scope of the project includes landscaping, siding, replacement windows with shutters and of course a new front entry door with a full view screen door. This project is proving to be a fascinating learning experience. The simplicity of just running in-or-out through the old raggedy screen door carefree has developed into a complicated process of decision making.

Do you want to make a style statement with your home? Your front door can set the standard. The elements of style and door selection options are vast. Once you whittle down the pool of options with project specific limitations such as size, type, energy efficiency and budget restraints the pool becomes much more manageable. Shopping for your new door can be bountiful through specialty stores, online options and big box in-store displays. Big box stores are a great start as you can touch and feel and collect product literature critical to your homework. Doing your homework is so strongly advised. From the initial measure to comparison pricing thru installation; knowing your door selection course of action is critical to the final style statement you are trying to establish.

Your new door should look like it was made for your home. The design process of navigating through all the options that help you create just the right combination of elements that deliver the style impact you desire is just creative due diligence. Remember, home is where your life happens, be creative and allow your dwelling to represent your unique self. Share your project stories and what bold and savvy décor element you included in your project @ especially if you forged a new décor element, we want to know!

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