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In Ocala, saggy pants will cost you $500 and up to six months in jail

The Ocala, Florida city council says there are NO “Ifs, Ands or Butts…”, It’s the City Law, Ordinance Number 07 – 19. This ordinance bans the wearing of sagging pants apparel in Opa-Locka City Parks and Buildings.

Don't wear saggy pants to city buildings,
Don't wear saggy pants to city buildings,
But this one is not as bad as most ...

The ban on the very popular fashion of wearing saggy pants that intentionally exposes underwear or buttocks went into effect immediately. The ban includes city property, including streets, sidewalks, parks, public schools and municipal building. In doing so, Ocala joins several cities in the U.S. prohibiting or campaigning against what many defend as a fashion statement.

Councilwoman Mary Rich said the issue is not about fashion but rather is about public decency.

“You wouldn’t want your mother coming to an affair downtown at the square and having people with their pants down to their knees, said 73-year-old Rich, who has fought for the ban for six years.

Rich shared that police officers plan to issue warnings first in hopes violators will willingly hike up their pants.

Ocala’s ban follows a law passed by Florida legislators prohibiting low-riding pants at school starting with the 2011 – 2012 academic year.

There have been reports of airlines refusing to board passengers with droopy pants in recent years. Further, at least one judge in Alabama sentenced a 20-year-old to three days in jail because his pants choice was deemed in contempt of court.

Reaction to the ban on saggy pants was not only swift but often irreverent in posts published on the website of the Ocala Star-Banner newspaper.

“Who wears their pants up around their waist? I remember wearing hip huggers,” wrote Gena Pisani.

A poster using the name King Julian proclaimed, “Plumbers will be outraged with these six-month jail sentences they get from walking into a McDonald’s to get lunch!”

Hey, there’s always the drive-thru.

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