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In New York, you can now be buried with your pet

Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York
Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York
Anthony22 / Wikipedia

In August, pet cemeteries in the state of New York will start accepting the cremated remains of people that wish to be buried with their deceased pets, according to KDFW.

The adopted regulation was introduced into NYS legislature after NYPD Officer Thomas Ryan and his wife were denied burial with their three Maltese dogs at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery. After a three year long battle, the burial was finally allowed.

While pet cemeteries cannot charge a fee for human burials under the new regulation, a bill to allow a charge for human funerals may be considered. A pet cemetery cannot advertise for human burials.

Some pet cemeteries, such as Hartsdale, offer a specially designed pet casket or vault. In cremation, the remains can be saved in an urn, buried, or scattered. In a memorial cremation, several pets are cremated together.

England has had the provision to bury pets alongside their owners since 2010, according to Wikipedia, at a site in the village of Stainton by Langworth.

The photo above is of Hartsdale Pet Cemetery which is located in Hartsdale, New York. Established in 1896, Hartsdale is the oldest pet cemetery in the United States. The first pet was laid to rest there when Dr. Samuel Johnson, a prominent Manhattan veterinarian, offered his rural Westchester apple orchard as a burial plot for a bereaved woman's dog. A reporter friend of Johnson's then wrote about it in the local paper, and the rest is history.

More than 80,000 pets are buried at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery. Celebrities and financiers often gave their pets elaborate sendoffs. Diana Ross and Mariah Carey buried their pets at Hartsdale. As did Elizabeth Arden, former Mayor Jimmy Walker, and band leader Xavier Cugat. Kate Smith's dog Freckles is buried there, as "My Devoted Pet for 15 1/2 years."

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