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'In My Dreams' a Hallmark Hall of Fame romance

"In My Dreams" is a Hallmark Hall of Fame romance that premiered on ABC and on Hallmark Channel this week. The movie stars Katharine McPhee, Mike Vogel and JoBeth Williams.

Katherine McPhee and Mike Vogel star in In My Dreams on Hallmark Hall of Fame
courtesy Hallmark/Erik Heinila used with permission

Natalie (Katherine McPhee) is busy trying to keep her family restaurant, so she doesn't have time for romance. Nick (Mike Vogel) is a young architect who dreams of building a bridge.

Nick has been relationship challenged ever since a broken romance. His mother (JoBeth Williams) fixes him up with a childhood crush, but Nick is not interested.

Natalie buys a bouquet of flowers and throws the change, one penny, into Hayward Fountain. At the same time, Nick is also throwing a penny into the fountain. They stand on opposite sides of the fountain, not knowing eachother, while the pennies fall into the water and land together.

Hayward Fountain is rumored to be enchanted, causing people to dream of their one true love. Nick and Natalie have not met, but they start dreaming of eachother. In their dreams, they encourage eachother and anything seems possible.

During their waking hours, Nick and Natalie each start to pursue their goals. Nick has entered a bridge design into a contest and thinks it might be time to hang out his own shingle and open an architectural firm. Natalie starts putting her own stamp on the restaurant she inherited from her mother, modernizing the decor and the menu.

While they dream of eachother, their waking hours present new romantic interests. Natalie goes on a date with Mario (Antonia Cupo) her handsome Italian chef. Nick's old girlfriend comes back into the picture and plans to make the relationship work this time.

According to the Hayward Fountain legend, Nick and Natalie get just seven nights of dreams. They need to find eachother in real life in order to make sweet dreams become reality.

The cast of "In My Dreams" includes: Katharine McPhee ("American Idol," "Smash") as Natalie; Mike Vogel ("Bates Motel," "Under the Dome") as Nick; JoBeth Williams ("The Big Chill," "My Name Is Bill W") as Charlotte; Joe Massingill as Joe; Rachel Skarsten as Jessa; Antonio Cupo as Mario; and Jessalyn Wanlim as Sharla.

"In My Dreams" is directed by Kenny Leon, noted for Broadway (A Raisin in the Sun) and film ("Steel Magnolias"), from a teleplay by Teena Booth ("Fatal Honeymoon," "Amish Grace") and Suzette Couture ("The Last Templar," "Jesus"), with the story by Teena Booth. The producer is David A. Rosemont ("Pillars of the Earth," "November Christmas"), with executive producer, Brent Shields ("The Magic of Ordinary Days," "Christmas in Conway"). It is from Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions.

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