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In Much of Madness’ psychosis performance at The Black Sheep

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—In Much of Madness held onto his sanity at The Black Sheep, on July 5. He was the headliner, Nathan Whittington and The Widowhood Effect were the opening acts and Lazer and Levi was the direct support. James Rice’s strummed the guitar and provided vocals as In Much of Madness.

In Much of Madness’ psychosis performance at The Black Sheep.
Sareth Ney/
In Much of Madness’ p.sychosis performance at The Black Sheep.
Sareth Ney/

After approaching the microphone, Rice introduced himself and how he also went under the moniker of In Much of Madness. While he talked, he placed his capo on one of the frets of his guitar and began his recital with “Cast It Away”. Upon completion of the opening number—he paused, received applause and thanked the audience.

Prior to the start of “Blood Evaporates”, Rice mentioned how angry he was at the time he wrote the song. After he said he hoped the song does not come off as angry, the crowd laughed along with him. As he sang, he kept his distance a few inches away from the microphone and allowed his gentle vocals to echo throughout the venue.

Before the start of “The Lights Went Out”, Rice mentioned it was the last track off of his first EP. He mentioned it could be purchased at his merchandise table, encouraged everyone to join his mailing list and to meet him there after his performance came to an end.

As “Weary Eyes” was about to get underway—Rice mentioned how he is usually a happy guy and his songs came off as sad, when he sings them on stage. Afterwards, he drank the cup of tea which rested near his set list and on the chair beside him. An audience member encouraged him to drink whiskey and he replied by saying he drinks whiskey at home. He said the song was louder than the others and performed it.

Rice ended his recital with “Bête Noire” and called himself an anime nerd. After introducing the song’s title, he asked the crowd if anyone was familiar with the anime terminology. After receiving response, he spoke of an autograph sheet he had on his table. He welcomed everyone from spectators and staff to sign what he had set aside. Afterwards, he thanked the bands and the venue for their company.

“On The Edge”, “It All Went Black”, “Shine, Don’t Fall”, “Restless”, “Faraway”, “Strife”, “The Storm”, “Light the Lanterns”, “Mirage” and “Resolve” were also part of In Much of Madness’ set.

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