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In memory of Mother: Preventing hair loss with Pharma GABA

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Whoa! I never thought in a million years that I would accidentally come across a product that helps hair loss. Mother would have loved this! Recently, I started boosting my thyroid by taking a supplement, believing that was the problem with experiencing hair loss. I’m no spring chicken and I know as I age, I will continue to see an increase in hair loss. I don’t want to be bald! It’s bad enough that one’s body shrinks and sags.

For nearly a month now, I started taking two, chewable tablets of Pharma GABA (Natural Factors) before going to sleep at night, along with two tablets of elderberry (Nature’s Way) I’ll explain more about the purpose of taking elderberry in another article. Well, I chewed on these two tablets, because I was experiencing problems having a relaxing sleep. We age much faster, when we do not get enough sleep.

One might wonder, what is GABA? GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) is the chemical that helps one deal with stress and calms one’s brain activity. If one has low levels of GABA, one will feel angry, short-tempered and irritable. Well, that was definitely ME! I have to admit, that since taking it, I am able to sleep comfortably at night.

Since GABA increases the release of human growth hormone, people have been taking the GABA supplement to prevent hair loss since taking human growth hormone is illegal. Restoring or increasing levels of the human growth hormone has been clinically linked to preventing hair loss and restoring hair in individuals.

Well, I’m a believer! I decided to write this article upon realizing one morning what was happening to my hair. The texture is different! I can see new strands growing. Now, I do believe in using quality shampoo products and hair products that cover the gray, as prevention against hair loss. However, I do not believe that any shampoo can help to regrow hair. In all honesty, I believe it has to be a product taken internally. That’s why I know it has to be the Pharma GABA.

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