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In memory of Mother: Pharma GABA and weight loss

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Mother always worried about putting on the middle-age spread. Yeah, I know what she means. I’m slowly shrinking, while my mid-section is getting wider. Well, no longer. I discovered Pharma Gaba by accident. I did not know it would help with weight loss. I bought the product to help me sleep. Read below the medical reason ‘why’ Pharma Gaba helps with weight loss:

A study at Beth Israel Medical Center identified that GABA, a neurotransmitter, has a role in controlling our energy balance. How we determine our body maintenance works in three stages. First, our brains receive input from our body as our hormones circulate. The second stage takes this information and blends it with smells and enticements. Then the brain takes over, deciding on our food intake and necessary energy we need to gain or lose weight. The GABA neurotransmitter is the mediator for our neurons. When GABA adheres to receptors, it will decrease the sending out of a signal, therefore cutting down your need to reach for more food. GABA affects your pituitary gland while enhancing your body's natural hormone growth. Raised levels of hormone growth (HGH) are responsible for burning fat, which is why GABA works so well for weight loss plans.

If you want to have more GABA in your diet, instead of using it in supplement form try almonds, rice bran, oranges, lentils, citrus fruit, broccoli, spinach and beef liver. Drinking green tea also helps to increase GABA forming in your body.

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