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In memory of Mother: Hot flashes and omega-3

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Mother suffered from hot flashes for years. I remember her standing in front of the air conditioner, trying to cool down her hot flashes. Sweat would pour from her brow. Poor Momma!

I’ve not had it as bad. In fact, not nearly as rough as Momma! Maybe, it’s because of taking spirulina. I use the brand from Now Foods, purchased at (Use coupon code, BER298, and save $5.00 at checkout).

Many believe that omega-3 fats DHA and EPA can curb hot flashes is simply not true. Researchers gave 355 women either a placebo or 1800 mg of omega-3 fats including EPA (1275 mg) and DHA (300 mg), the two key fats in fish oil. All the women had reported at least 14 hot flashes or night sweats—many bothersome or severe—per week.

The average number of hot flashes was 7.6 per day when the study began. After 12 weeks, the number dropped by 2.5 per day in both groups. Those taking the omega-3s reported no better sleep or mood than those taking the placebo.