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In memory of Mother: Happy Father's Day

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Sometimes, it is a happy memory that gets us through difficult days. I’m sure it was like that for my father, who served during World War II.

Father was involved in a number of dangerous missions, such as being on a war ship carrying very dangerous weaponry. I can still remember my mother telling me that he never told her about any of these missions, because he did not want to worry her. So, Father kept many things to himself and even after he retired from serving our country.

Father’s favorite escape from the perils of life was to go fishing. He was an avid fisherman and known throughout the county and certainly knew how to cook fish.

One day I asked my father what was one of his favorite memories as a child and, of course, it was to do with fishing. Father mentioned a time when his neighbors would get together and they would go fishing at a place called, “Two Hole Branch.” It was a sandy bank among oak trees keeping the area shady. The men would catch the fish and the women would cook them over an open fire. Everyone would bring a cover dish to share.

Now, for this southern gal, I have to say that pan-fried fish is heaven on the tongue. Father had a great way of cooking it. He would take an egg and add a little water. He would mix it before adding it to a cup of cornmeal. He would dip the fish (after cleaning it) into the mixture. He made sure the pan was hot and ready for cooking using a little oil.

I’ve noticed that many cooking experts discussed flaying the fish and use only the meatiest part of the fish to avoid the bones. One refers to this as fillets. Well, we didn’t! The head, the guts and scales were removed, but no flaying. Sure, you had to deal with the bones, but there’s a way of removing the bones right before you eat it.

Father passed on July 7, 2007. But, he’s still around. I believe in life after death.

Mother’s Tea Cup: Dandelion leaves for aiding in weight loss

This persistent lawn flower is thought of as an annoying weed to many grass lovers and, of course, they get rid of it. However, this medicinal plant is packed with nutrients, including vtamins A, B, C, D; iron; and lots of potassium.

Dandelion leaves are a safe and healthy diuretic, because of their potassium content. Most diuretics cause one’s body to lose potassium, but dandelion leaves restore it. This unique property makes dandelion leaves the herbal remedy for water retention in extremities such as hands, fingers, feet, ankles, and calves. One may drink their dandelion tea cool or iced.

Dandelion helps to promote good digestion and elimination, which are important factors for weight control.

For making this tea, one needs a teaspoon of dandelion leaves to one cup of boiling water. Let it steep for three or four minutes. Add your own sweetener and enjoy!