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In memory of Mother: Fried chicken served by rail

Dining by Rail
Dining by

Mother would have loved knowing what someone ate on a train, years ago. In fact, Mother would have loved being served a meal on a train while gazing at the scenery zipping by. I learned about the culinary cuisine served on a train from the author, James D. Porterfield, in his excellent book, Dining by Rail.

I met James at a recent nonfiction writer’s retreat in the Pocono Mountains. James is an historical expert when it comes to this topic. It was enjoyable to meet such an interesting individual.

Trains served food that was available in the local area, as well as what could be prepared in the kitchen. The Norfolk and Western Railroad served fried chicken with cream gravy. The recipe is very similar to anyone frying chicken in a large skillet and then using the drippings to make the gravy.

Of course, in the past, this dish was popular and customers enjoyed it. Nowadays, eating fried chicken is not a healthy choice. Too much grease!

Since Mother had been born in Canada, the popular cuisine served on Canadian National Railways was stuffed calf’s liver. The preparation for making this dish took more than two hours. Mother served calf’s liver when I was growing up in the South. Eating liver is good for you, but certainly not as tasty as fried chicken.