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In memory of Mother: Daddy's limeade health benefits part one

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When it comes to honoring Daddy on Memorial Day, I like to remember him sipping on a glass of limeade. It was his favorite drink! However, I never realized how beneficial drinking this beverage is for one’s health.

Daddy poured a glass of limeade, as he listed to tape of a military song produced by the National School of Military Music from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I wrote the words to this song and a military arrangement was done in Annapolis. School children from Ocean View Elementary sang the words to this song on stage at the National School of Military Music. It was a great tribute! Daddy got goose bumps on his arms from listening to this song. Below is a link to a copy of the original taping. I always thought it would make a great story!

I would have to admit that limeade did help Daddy deal with his post-traumatic-stress-disorder or PTSD. I just never thought about it, until I decided to make my own limeade at home. After making my first batch, I decided to find out more about it and I was stunned by what I had discovered.

Now, Mother would have started serving limeade as a regular drink in our household, if she had known how nutritional limes are for one’s health. Sure, Mother made lemonade for her family, especially during the summer, but no one ever thought of limeade, except when Daddy started drinking it.

Below are lime health benefits:

  • Lime juice is high in vitamin C and can prevent scurvy (a disease characterized by bleeding gums and severe weakness).
  • Lime juice is high in bioflavonoid and other antioxidants, which help protect against cancer and other diseases. Studies have shown that concentrated extract of lime juice has potential anti-cancer properties against the proliferation of human breast and lymph cancers.
  • Lime juice contains pectin which is beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol and helps prevent stroke.
  • Lime juice when taken regularly is effective in the treatment of viral infection of the whole respiratory system. It is also effective in fighting other viral infections, such as the flu.
  • Lime, itself, is good in preventing and treating nausea. Just chew on a piece of lime whenever you’re feeling nauseous.

To learn more about the health benefits of lime juice, check out part two.