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In memory of Mother: Apple, peanut butter, and cheese salad served by rail

Dining by Rail
Dining by

Now, since reading the book, Dining by Rail, by James D. Porterfield, I never heard of making a salad using peanut butter or cream cheese. But, this salad was served on the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. The preparation time for this salad is a mere thirty minutes. As mentioned in the first article about railroad cuisine, dishes were prepared for passengers based on kitchen space. Obviously, this dish does not require the use of a stove.

One only needs two red apples, cut and rubbed with French dressing, along with adding cream cheese and peanut butter balls with a dash of salt in the center of the apple slices. A special dressing called, “Bretton Woods Dressing,” was poured over the salad.

I must say, very clever and unique.

Mother would have preferred this salad over a customary house salad.