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In memory of Military Working Dog Laky, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan

Laky M-404
Laky M-404
Kat Kurz

This is Specialized Search Dog Laky, M-404. His former handler, Kat Kurz, went on to adopt Laky, and is honoring his memory this Memorial Day.

Kat served in the Army between 2007 and 2014, and was his assigned handler until Kat ETS'd, at which time Laky retired.

Laky served in Iraq and Afghanistan,working to find explosives to save our American soldiers. He was Kat's best friend, both as a soldier and a civilian.

It's been a little over a year since Kat had to put Laky down, and describes it as the "hardest thing I've done in my life."

During his time down range, Laky served conventional and special operations, but ultimately he would've followed Kat anywhere. A true comrade and Guardian of the Night.

The heroic duty to your county is recognized this Memorial Day. You served your country and your handler to the best of your ability.

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