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In Memorandum....Dr. Maya Angelou

Wisdom, Beauty and Grace
Wisdom, Beauty and Grace
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Life had thrown me another barb and so I went for a drive ending up at the local Bookstore.

When my Mother was alive I used to talk to her about everything and this would have been one of those times had she still been with us.

I drove for a long time it seemed thinking about her, wondering what she might say.

When I arrived at the bookstore, I must have combed through at least fifty books till a bright yellow book jacket caught my eye.

Considering how I had been feeling, the title immediately brought tears to my eyes:

"Letter To My Daughter" it read and I opened it immediately and began to read.

Sometime later, I made my way to the counter and purchased the book.

Over the next several days reading those words of wisdom, I realized that my heart had been indelibly touched by the spirit of the beautiful "heart" that wrote the book.

Dr. Maya Angelou's life was a statement of Love, Wisdom and unrestrained Grace.

I will always be grateful that her beautiful heart and "zest for life" found me that day at the point that her amazing words were the only ones that managed to cut through to the heart of the matter at hand.

What a beautiful woman of Grace she was and this is her legacy to all.

How blessed we are to have known her wisdom through her books.

Though she is Heaven side now, her words will remain here on gilded wings to soar through the din of life to richly bless the generations to come.

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