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'In Master:' Sensitive and cover up tattoos decide final 3

Ink Master season 3 finale
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Spike TV

On Tuesday night’s installment of “Ink Master”, the four remaining artists were informed that there will not be a flash tattoo, nor would the canvases judge the final products; instead, the canvases themselves would chose the artist they felt would best produce the tattoo they wanted and only the judges would decide on the final 3 going to the finale.

They would be judged on all essential skills needed for tattooing, precision, contrast, detail, dimension, and proportion. And their canvases would be centered on women who are cancer survivors and wish to cover their mastectomies with something beautiful and that they would be proud to show. Halo, who is a cancer survivor himself, was excited for the challenge that hit close to home. The final products without exception received praise from both canvases and judges alike, but then came the surprise and that was that they were not done just yet, and they would need to tattoo another 6 hours, this time though they would need to do a cover up on a tattoo each canvas had received from one of the previous artists already eliminated, there was only one canvas that was open, meaning she did not want to cover the old tattoo, but instead wanted a new one on a different part of the body.

The canvases got 10 minutes to consult with each artist and based on that decide which would be the most appropriate to accomplish what they had in mind, and Halo through much convincing got the open canvas to pick him, that was a freebie, just an open space to do his best, whereas the other 3 artists had to work on concealing someone else’s work that might be unfinished, or outright unappealing.

And then, it was judgment time and the final 3 to compete for the grand prize that includes $100,000, a feature in Ink Master magazine and the title of “Ink Master”; arrived. Sausage was the first to be sent to the finale, next was Scott, and Matti was the third. Dave Navarro told Halo that of all the times he has sad; “you don’t have what it takes to be ink master, this was the most heart-wrenching”. The final 3 have 35 hours over several months and a master canvas to work on and the design is solely up to the artist, but they all must be a back piece. They will work back in their respective hometowns, and next Tuesday the finale will play out and one will be crowned “Ink Master”.

“Ink Master” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Spike.

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