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In like a Lion - March's Lamb didn't show

One of Bo Peep's missing lambs
photo from Microsoft Publisher clip art

Well, we felt some of those "traditional" March winds and a whole lot more of unexpected weather across the country. In California spring arrived early, but there were not quite enough showers to suit those who seem to think that weather just "happens to us". But do things "Just happen"? I think most of us know we have much to do with what is happening - don't we. We've moved out of the victim role and accepted responsibilities for our lives and ... and... our weather, too.

No, I'm not specifically speaking of global warming - even most of the scientists in the world have accepted that human beings have much to do with it.

Aborigines people know - and 19th century farmers knew that a Supreme Being rules the clouds and the winds. This Power and our prayers to such a Source both have an enormous affect on the outcome - of weather and other areas of our lives.

There is a give and take involved - a balance in how things work in an orderly manner. The seasons change so that new things can be introduced and have a chance to be challenged by the elements. So, we need the winds, the floods, the fires - as devastating as they may be to our personal lives. When we attempt to control these elements, many species become dormant, if not extinct.

There is something about keeping everything in the proper perspective and giving thanks for the gifts our Father-Mother-God has given to us - whatever their appearance and however much we would like to have the timing of those gifts fit into our personal schedule.

Thank you Precious Spirit for the extended winter months, for the rains and the snow - for the wakening seedlings that somehow find the sun, even if they reach for it through the mud and the icy slush. For the migrating birds who find themselves stopping longer on their journey in places -- we can welcome their songs and marvel at their colorful plumage.

The Silent Unity calendar brings another view to the situation. Instead of worrying over what is and what isn't happening - it reminds us to relax into the NOW - it says, "I take good care of myself". The picture this month is of a trio rowing a narrow canoe across a peaceful lake at sunset. The caption says:

"Come home to ... Balance".

Among the trio in the narrow canoe - one small person is in the center - and the other two are near the ends, each with an oar on opposite sides of the canoe.

Balance requires cooperation - a harmonic synergy is required. We live in a balanced universe if we see the bigger picture - and relax our insistence on our own personal agendas. When more than one person is involved - cooperation is essential to obtain any progress or accomplishment.

When we are in balance within ourselves, we breathe evenly in and out; our movements are smooth and rhythmic; and our heart beat is steady and unhurried. A balanced mind opens a space where decisions can be made without rushing and a peaceful calm envelopes all those around. Prayer and Meditation are both comfortable ways to re-connect the balance centers of our lives. Ahhhhhh.... Welcome to April!

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