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In light of the new snow in the mountains

If you have lived in the Reno, Carson City or other valley locations for the last couple of years, we have had a lot snowier winters before this one. The winter of 2010-11 was pretty good, 2006-07 or 2007-08 was okay, 2004-05 I will never forget; this winter was during my senior year of high school. To help pay for my senior project, I did a decent amount of snow shoveling.

As I am writing this, Kirkwood's website says that they have 50" of new snow in the last 24 hours with a storm total of 81". Mt. Rose says they have 19-25" of new snow, Heavenly says they have 21" of new snow the last seven days and Squaw Valley says they have 38" of new snow within the last 24 hours. This is good news for snowboarders, skiers and winter outdoor enthusiasts. Don't forget about snowshoeing. The best part is that President's Day is one week from tomorrow, so it will give a good three-day weekend to go out and enjoy the new, fresh powder.

In the case that you are planning to go ski, snowboard or check out the scenery in the mountains, do your best to be prepared. Be certain that the car you ride in or drive has some cables or chains stored in the vehicle. Believe me, if your vehicle gets stuck and you don't want to go to the trouble of getting a tow truck, they will help. I would fill up your gas tank as well, for some resorts are more than an hour's drive each way; especially if the traffic is slow.

Make sure your heater is running well, for you and your passengers need it. Check your rear and front headlights in case you have to drive home in the dark after snowboarding all day. Have an oil change done if you haven't done it in the last few thousand miles.

If you have a teenager that is starting to learn how to drive during the winter, make sure they know what to expect in case the vehicle slips on some black ice or if the vehicle's tires spin out when they are pulling out of a shopping center parking lot. There are other cases, but safety is the important thing.

There is a winter driving school by Bridgestone that is in Colorado Springs, CO. Here is the web link if you are curious:

There is a driving school in South Lake Tahoe, they have a one-minute YouTube video on their homepage about winter driving:

Here is another winter driving website from Michelin:

Have fun, and enjoy all the fresh snow!

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