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In God we trust?

Several years ago, a movie entitled Evan Almighty came to the big screen that tells the story of a modern-day Noah – Evan Baxter – played by Steve Carell. The story goes: God tells Evan to build an ark because a flood is coming. Sound familiar? Evan understandably doubts his qualifications for the assignment and after several comical attempts to run from God, he relents. Evan’s wife also doubts that God has given him such a impossible and improbable task. Her dilemma: Can she, should she trust Evan?

Consider the conversation that takes place between she and God – played by Morgan Freeman.

Continuing the line of thinking presented in the movie, in order for trust to grow, we will find ourselves in predicaments where trusting God is the only viable option. Surely, it is easy to trust so long as there is enough money to go around, our health is good and most days are bright and sunshiny. But how or where does trust factor in when the doctor says that life is measured in terms of months rather than years? When death stills the voice of a loved one? When the people you thought you could rely on turn and walk away? We are told: In God we trust, but but do we? Hey it’s written on our money, so it must be true! Frankly, it’s hard enough to trust some of the people we see daily!

When unplanned or unexpected events come, our tendency is to get to the root cause of the matter, solve it and move on as quickly as humanly possible. But maybe – just maybe – God uses trials to build our faith to make us less like ourselves and more like Him. Perhaps it is through illness or the death of a loved one, we come to understand what it means to live and die in faith; we come to trust in a future we cannot see, but certain of the One who promises. Betrayed trust may lead us away from a reliance on people – even well-intentioned ones – to a Savior who promises to never leave us nor forsake us.

It is one thing to talk about God’s faithfulness in a generalized, idealized way, but it’s another thing entirely to place our lives in God’s hands to do with them as He sees fit. With each trial, like the ancients, we learn to trust God more and more. Much like when our children were learning to walk, they would totter a few steps and fall; we would scoop them up, reassure them and set them on their feet again. As their confidence grew they took more steps until they could not only walk, they learned to run. God, our loving Father, scoops us up and reassures us until the day we will walk into His eternal presence - our trust rewarded.

In God we trust? Yes, I trust God. How about you?

Amen and amen.


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