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In Defense of the Ray Rice Decision

There is a lot of outrage and huffing and puffing about NFL Commissioner Roger Godell’s decision inre Ray Rice.

In Defense of the Ray Rice Decision
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The league has suspended the Baltimore running back for 2 games and imposed a light financial fine.

And now the howling begins.

In no particular order: the fiancé that Rice knocked out cold and was seen on video of him dragging her inert body of out of an elevator, married the football star.

So case closed. If women will wed their abusers, then it makes it far tougher for society to protect them.

Back to the actual punishment. Ray will not be able to play the initial two games of the season and had to check the sofa cushions to pay the levy.

Hey hon, this is Baltimore and of course the National Football League. This is the society of violent men combined with a whole bunch of folks doing very bad things. (Actually that could be both the city and professional football.)

And that’s just the players. More evidence is emerging linking the game to horrific damage affecting the brain.

Here in Baltimore, historically one of the most popular Ravens is now retired Ray Lewis. His involvement in a double murder is still murky. No evidence suggests he participated in the killings, but his proximity to the men convicted is still very troubling.

Not for Baltimore. He epitomized the team. Instead of say, Edgar Allan Poe to whom the team pays homage with the avian name.


Back to Rice.

Football is about money. It is a business pure and simple. If owners can get towns to offer substantial tax incentives or build stadiums, well good for them.

When can the discussion return to Rice? In a minute. (Thank you and tip your waitress.)

Of course Ray Rice and all other men, and women, should not abuse family members.

And football writ large, should not be abusing the players.

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