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In defense of Barack Obama: Strategy or no strategy

In the wake of today's terrible news that journalist Steven Sotloff was beheaded, this examiner began pondering the motives of our president in how he addressed the public early last week when he stated publicly that he had no strategy on how to deal with the very real threat of ISIS.

It is not often that this examiner comes to the defense of President Obama, as Mr. Obama often views the political landscape much differently than she does. That being noted, when the president stated that there was no strategy for handling ISIS, it was probably a wiser decision to not say anything at all.

Think back to World War II when the American people were inundated by public service announcements from The Ad Council that reminded citizens that "Loose Lips Sink Ships". In other words, too much information could quite likely be leaked to the enemy. Americans were reminded to be discreet when discussing the war effort so as not to aid the Axis Powers.

During World War II, The United States, it's citizenry, and government alike were all to painfully aware of the likelihood that spies for the Axis Powers could be lurking around every corner. It was thought to be imperative to not disclose any information that could aid the enemy.

Perhaps that is the reasoning for President Obama's rather vague stance on ISIS. True, the way it was handled during the ill fated press conference left the president open for attack from the usual suspects; however, it was a topic that was probably better left unsaid

The line of questioning may have come as a surprise to President Obama because of the answer that he gave. For the President of the United States to not have any particular plan or strategy on such a horrible threat to our overseas interests and homeland does not make any logical sense whatsoever.

It would seem that President Obama is struggling with the fact that, whether he likes it or not, the United States will be forced to take more military action in the Middle East than he ever wanted. After all, one of the goals of the Obama Administration was to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This administration may be done with "boots on the ground" but the enemy is nowhere near finished.

It is an admirable goal to want to avoid war; however, the fact that our interests and citizens that are in that part of the world are being threatened may force our president to make the unwanted decision to declare war on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

In closing, this examiner sends condolences to the family of Steven Sotloff. Mr. Sotloff was a brave American for living in and reporting the news in a very dangerous part of the world so that people would understand the conflicts of the region.

~Traci Otake, Los Angeles Political Examiner

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