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In Chongqing visit the museums that honors Americans

Honoring Americans in China
Honoring Americans in China
Sandra Scott

Chongqing, China was known Chungking and during World War II it was China’s provisional capital. There are two museums that honor Americans who helped to protect the Chinese from Japanese aggression. One is devoted to the Flying Tigers and across the street is the General Joseph Stilwell museum.

The Flying Tiger Museum is dedicated to the memory of the American pilots, also known as the 1st American Volunteer Group, who fought with Chinese pilots against Japanese invading troops during the Second World War. The Flying Tigers, under the command of Claire Chennault, consisted of three fighter squadrons with about 20 aircraft. Their planes, mainly Curtiss P-40 Warhawks, with their shark teeth design were easy to recognize and their exploits were widely publicized..

Across the road is the museum that honors General Joseph W. Stilwell who was the Chief of Staff in the China Theater of Operation and Commander-in-Chief of the American Army in the China-Burma-India Theater. Stilwell helped to train the Chinese army and he was instrumental in the construction of the Burma Road whereby supplies were able to reach China to aid in their fight against the Japanese. In 1991 the museum opened in the house Stilwell occupied for several years with rooms restore to their wartime likeness and displays dealing with the war.